Tire Services

Taking care of your tires is essential to your car’s performance, fuel efficiency, and overall health. For tire services in Haverhill, MA, call Ray’s Auto Service at 978-372-9611 today!

tire services

Common Tire Problems

Our mechanics have seen every tire problem there is over our 50 years of business. Here are a few of the most common issues we handle and what you should watch out for.


Especially during the hot summer, underinflated tires can be a real danger. The buildup of heat from overworking an underinflated tire can cause a blowout, damage suspension, and throw your wheels out of alignment. Look for signs of increased wear on the outer tread of the tire. Though many modern cars have tire pressure monitoring systems, you should still check your tire pressure and tread regularly.

Single-Side Wear

If you notice the tread wearing down on only one side of your tires, your camber setting is probably off. You should have your alignment and suspension system checked. This can also stem from worn ball joints, springs, and other suspension components or not having your tires rotated properly.


If your tires are wearing down in the middle, you probably have your tires overinflated. This can be dangerous because it means your tire is not gripping the road completely, reducing your traction. Check your driver’s door or owner’s manual for the correct tire pressure and check your tires when they’re cold.

If you need tire rotation or new tires in Haverhill, MA, call Ray’s Auto Service today at 978-372-9611.