Tune-up Services

If you’re looking for a tune-up to make sure your vehicle is performing properly, come by Ray’s Auto Service today! Book an appointment online or call 978-372-9611.


What Is A Tune-Up?

In the modern age of cars, tune-ups don’t really exist anymore. Cars used to need tune-ups to improve their fuel performance by replacing parts in the fuel system and ignition. Nowadays, a tune-up is more of an inspection. Our mechanics will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to make sure the parts affecting your performance and efficiency are working how they should. This usually includes the air filter and spark plugs. Spark plugs rarely need to be replaced; most manufacturers suggest new ones every 100,000 miles. The air filter, however, needs to be replaced more often. We advise following your manufacturer’s guidelines.

When your fuel system or ignition are not working properly, your fuel efficiency can decrease drastically. A damaged oxygen sensor, for example, can cut your fuel economy by as much as 40 percent. When you come in for a tune-up, our certified auto technicians will make sure that your engine is performing properly. If you notice that you’re burning fuel faster, you might have a problem with your fuel system. Let us perform a thorough inspection so you aren’t throwing money away.

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