Emissions Testing

To make sure you pass your vehicle inspection, your car must also pass the Emissions Test. If you need emissions testing in Haverhill, Ma, call 978-372-9611 for rapid, quality service at Ray’s Auto Service.

Emissions testing

Emissions Testing

Emissions testing consists of two parts, the on-board diagnostic (OBD) and the opacity/tailpipe test (if applicable). The requirements vary from vehicle to vehicle; if you have questions about emissions testing, just give one of our friendly mechanics a call at 978-372-9611 or visit the MA DMV website.

In order to pass inspection, most vehicles must pass the OBD and/or opacity/tailpipe test. There are some exemptions, including some diesel vehicles, motorcycles and mopeds, certain farm and construction vehicles, military vehicles, and electric vehicles. However, the majority of vehicles will need to pass the test. This will help reduce levels of pollution in the air.

If you fail the test, you may need emissions repair. You may have a problem with your muffler, exhaust system, catalytic converter, or oxygen sensor. No matter what the problem is, our ASE-certified mechanics can fix you up.

Making Sure You’re Safe

Our mission at Ray’s Auto Service is to make sure you and your car are safe and satisfied. When it comes time to have your emissions inspection in Haverhill, MA, stop by our shop for quick, quality service. Call 978-372-9611 for an appointment or more information.