Complete Computer Diagnostics Test

With modern technology, it’s easier than ever for a mechanic to determine what’s wrong with your car. A quick, complete computer diagnostics test can quickly and easily pinpoint problems in your vehicle. If you have a potential problem with your vehicle but don’t know what it is, call us at 978-372-9611 for a complete computer diagnostics test in Haverhill, MA.

computer diagnostics

Fast and Efficient Diagnostics

Running a computer diagnostics test can save a lot of time and effort when trying to find the source of a problem with your vehicle. Modern cars have on-board computers that monitor various features on your car. Most will indicate a problem by displaying an icon or light on your dashboard. Sometimes you can look up the specific indicator in your owner’s manual, but others are more tricky. If your engine light comes on, that doesn’t tell you exactly which part of your engine needs repair. A complete computer diagnostics test can quickly identify the source of an error for the mechanic.

The diagnostic test will bring up a code which corresponds to a particular part or error. Sometimes it may bring up multiple codes. This usually indicates that one problem is affecting other parts or sensors on your vehicle. A knowledgeable mechanic will know what to do and will thoroughly check all of the possible problems.

Skilled Work By Skilled Mechanics

Any auto shop can run a computer diagnostics test, but not all mechanics are qualified to work on your car. If you want certified auto technicians who put their customers first, call Ray’s Auto Service today at 978-372-9611.