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Brake Services

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At Ray’s Auto Service, we know how important your brakes are. Brakes that are not working well become a significant safety issue for you and your family, as well as anyone else who may be sharing the road with you. 

If you are experiencing any problems with your brakes in MA, schedule an appointment with a mechanic right away!

Some of the repairs for brakes that we provide are:

  • Wheel Speed Sensor Replacement
  • Brake Bleeding
  • Brake Caliper Replacement
  • Brake Hose Replacement
  • Master Cylinder Replacement
  • ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) Repair
  • Parking Brake Shoe and Cable Replacement
  • Rotor and Drum Replacement

Many components contribute to the workings of your vehicle brakes in MA. The above list includes just some of the repairs we offer for brakes.

For all your brake repairs near Salem, NH, call Ray’s Auto Service at 978-372-9611 today!

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