Steering and Suspension Repair

Having trouble steering? Have you noticed a bumpier ride than normal? You may need steering and suspension repair. Choose the experts at Ray’s Auto Service in Haverhill, MA; call us at 978-372-9611.

steering and suspension repair

Common Steering and Suspension Issues

You steering and suspension system involves many parts that can wear out over time. Here are a few of the steering and suspension problems we repair in the shop:

  • Ball Joints – Your car’s ball joints connect the suspension to the wheels, absorbing shock and allowing movement. They often make creaking or clunking noises when they have worn out.
  • Control Arms – The control arms connect the steering to your car’s wheel, allowing you to steer the vehicle. Worn control arm bushings can lead to loose steering and clunking sounds.
  • Power Steering – Problems can arise in the form of low power steering fluid, a leak, or problems with the power steering pump or belt. This can make your car difficult to steer, so check your fluid level or bring it to a mechanic. You may hear screeching when you steer if there is a problem.
  • Shock Absorbers – When your shocks wear out, your car will ride rougher. You may notice increased bouncing after driving over a bump.
  • Springs – Springs support the weight of your vehicle, and as they wear they can sag or break. Park your car on flat ground and look to see if one corner is lower than the others; this indicates a damaged spring.
  • Wheel Alignment – If your wheels are out of alignment, you may notice your car pulling to one side when you drive. This could also be caused by improperly inflated tires, so have your alignment and tires checked to be sure.

For professional steering and suspension repair by certified mechanics, call 978-372-9611. The ASE-certified mechanics at Ray’s Auto Service will take good care of you and your vehicle.