Engine Repair Services

A problem with your vehicle’s engine can be a major headache to deal with on your own. Come by Ray’s Auto Service for major and minor engine repair in Haverhill, MA. For an appointment or more information, call 978-372-9611.

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Your Customer Care Specialists

Is your engine overheating for some unknown reason? Did your engine light come on during your drive to work? Don’t wait on engine repair; let the experienced mechanics at Ray’s take a look under the hood. If you notice a problem with your engine, see an expert mechanic as soon as possible before further damage occurs. Engines can cost thousands of dollars to rebuild, and a new car can cost even more! It’s best to fix a small problem early.

The ASE-certified mechanics at our auto shop can repair any problem with your engine, including the coolant system, water pump, overheating, timing belt, electrical system, and more. We will run a complete computer diagnostic to determine the problem and let you know what work needs to be done. We know engine repair can be expensive depending on how serious the problem is, so we work hard to make our prices affordable for you. Our staff also strives to keep our customers safe and happy with top quality work and caring customer service.

For all your auto repair needs in Haverhill, MA, visit Ray’s Auto Service. We care about our customers and their cars. If you have questions about engine repair, give us a call today at 978-372-9611.