Electrical System Repair

Your car won’t be going anywhere with a damaged electrical system! If you need electrical repair, call your local experts at Ray’s Auto Service. 978-372-9611

Car electrical system repair

Electrical System Components

If your car won’t start, you likely have a problem with your electrical system. Your battery could be dead, or you might have a bad alternator. With new technology, electrical technicians can quickly and accurately discover your car’s problem. Our skilled mechanics can run a complete computer diagnostics program which will pinpoint the source of the problem. From there, we can work to repair your system and get you back on the road. While your electrical system includes many different parts, the three primary components are your battery, alternator, and starter.


Your car’s battery provides the electrical current needed to start your car. If you have a no start problem, especially if you hear nothing when you turn the key, your battery is likely dead and needs to be recharged.


A bad alternator can also cause serious problems. Once your battery starts your car, the alternator keeps it running, along with a myriad of electrical components on your car. A thorough diagnostic check up can determine if your alternator need replacing.


While the battery supplies power, your starter is what gets your car’s engine going. If it is not drawing the proper amount of current, you may have a worn starter or problem with your connections.

If you need electrical system repair in Haverhill, MA, call 978-372-9611 and the ASE-certified mechanics at Ray’s Auto Service will run a thorough computer diagnostic to determine your vehicle’s problems.