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Why Isn’t My Car’s Air Conditioner Working?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, you may be dealing with one of many possible problems affecting your air conditioning system. Fixing the problem yourself may be simple, or it could turn into a major repair. If you need help with A/C repair, it’s best to come to your local auto shop prepared. Ask yourself the following questions and take notes to provide to your mechanic.

When you turn the A/C on full blast, is it cold, room temperature, or hot? Does it change temperature over time (start off cold then get warm)? These could indicate a refrigerant leak, damaged compressor, or a damaged condenser. A fluid leak will likely need to be repaired by a professional mechanic and new parts purchased. You may also have a problem with your engine overheating.

Is the airflow weak even when on high? Or is it stuck at one speed? This could be a problem with your blower motor.

Does the air coming through your vents have a weird smell? Try different settings, including recycled and fresh air. If you notice an odd odor, your might have a leak or a clogged cabin air filter.

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